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Please watch our video to view our current building project in Liberia, Africa in conjunction with Angels Net Foundation (ANF). Evangelist Matias Rojas began raising the funds to see a new school built for the children of ANF in 2010 while he was still a student at Northpoint Bible College. The video will show you the current conditions the children are in as well as the future plans for the new building.  This inspiring story truly begins with a young evangelist who 


grew up in poverty, and by the sovereign hand of  God and His grace, has entered abundant life and the fullness that he could not have imaged as a young child on the street. His goal is to now freely give what has been freely given to him and to see the lives of thousands of children change by the power of God. Our prayer is that this video and project will touch your heart to join the movement and help us change their destinies.

Since 2009, the Angels Net Foundation has been collaborating with a church located in Sinkor Monrovia, Liberia to provide education to over 400 primary school students in the area. ANF has been shipping school supplies (notebooks, textbooks, pencils, crayons, etc) and paying tuition for students and stipends for teachers. The Foundation has also sponsored the school feeding programs whereby school lunch is served to the students from Monday to Friday when classes are in session. 


ANF and MORE International Ministries has procured one acre of land in the City of Monrovia to erect a school building that will house students from the Kindergarten level to Ninth Grade.  Inclusive in this project will be a dormitory for girls, library, laboratory, computer lab, cafeteria, auditorium/chapel and restrooms. The Foundation also desires to procure additional acreages for the chapel, dormitory, sports and recreational activities. The construction of this project has already commenced.

The entire project will cost $150,000 to complete.



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